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In 2008, when I was pregnant with Manuela, I started a blog (very personal) that aimed to be a pregnancy diary, to keep family and friends who lived far away informed. At the time, Facebook was not popular in Brazil. I think if I already was, I wouldn’t have started the blog.

After Manuela was born, I couldn’t keep the blog updated and it stayed there, abandoned… But, after a while, I had difficulties with breastfeeding, with sleeping, there were days when I wanted to run away and leave her crying in the room , there was even a day when I screamed in the middle of the night “why aren’t you sleeping????” and, OF COURSE, I felt like the worst mother in the world. “Besides being completely emotionally unstable, how come I wasn’t able to breastfeed my daughter or get her to sleep?” was what I thought.

Shortly after these first months of the whirlwind of having my first child, I found a liberating book: I was a great mother… until I had children, which brought together real testimonies and talked about the routine of motherhood, the one that is cruel and no one tells. When I showed the book to a friend (who has twin daughters a year older than Manuela), she told me several things about her real life as a mother, many of which I quickly identified with.

That day, I thought: why didn’t you tell me this before? Why didn’t anyone tell me that there are people who can’t breastfeed and that we can feel angry at our children in the early hours of the morning? If I had known that being tired, exhausted and wanting to run away didn’t diminish my love as a mother, I wouldn’t have spent so many days feeling like a horrible mother.

And that’s why I came back to the blog: so that other women don’t feel terrible simply because they are flesh and blood people.

Today, Maternidade Simples is a channel to tell the truth, bring information, clarify doubts, bring together mothers and fathers who want to make life easier. Why is motherhood difficult? Yes, it is, but it can be simplified.

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About me

Sou Melina Pockrandt Robaina, filha de Deus, jornalista e mãe da Manuela (6 anos) e da Ana Júlia (1 ano)

I'm Melina, but you can call me Mel. I love writing, I love my husband, I love my three daughters, and most of all, I love Jesus. We live in Pennsylvania, USA, and whenever I can, I like to talk about my experiences, learnings and challenges, whether in motherhood, in Christian life or as an immigrant.

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